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Lecture 6: Reproduction: Two strategies for reproduction  K-Type Strategists: i. Few offspring ii. A lot of care for offspring iii. Delay further reproduction so parent can tolerate cost of nurturing  R-Type Strategists: i. Rapid reproduction ii. Many offspring iii. Little or no care provided  Rabbits: both R and K type, many offspring and rapid, but provide care. Reproductive cycles:  Semelparous: reproduces once, dies after: Pacific Salmon  Iterparous: multiple reproductive cycles: Atlantic Salmon Gametogenesis: production of gamets: sex cells  Spermatogenesis: Spermatozoa: Testis  Oogenesis: Ova: Ovaries Gonads: tissue that produces gametes Variations in Reproduction (variation for evolution) o Gametogenesis: genome of different combination of chromosomes. o Meiosis: chromosomal recombination o Fertilization: unique combination of ova and spermatozoa Reproductive Hormones: - Regulated by positive and negative feedback - Efficacy: influenced by hormone receptor sunthesis - Hormones are the same in both males and females Steroid Hormones: * They bind to nuclear hormone receptor (NHR)  NHR dimerizes with DNA-binding proteins  Active transcription factor formed  Progestrone: i. Male and female ii. From cholesterol iii. Metabolized to adrostenedione  Androgen: i. Metabolized to androstenedien (Testosterone ii. Precursor for estrogen synthesis (EstrogenEstrone+ Estradiol 17 Gonadotropins: (nonsteroidal) - Produced in anterior pituitary - Controls steroid synthesis - Taxa specific - Regulated by: Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) a. Produced by hypothalamic neurons b. Released into portal system to the anterior pituitary  Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) i. Composed of and ii. Hertodimer iii. Modified by glycosalation iv. Produced on demand v. Stimulates: spermatogenesis and follicle ripening  Lutenizing Hormone (LH) i. Induces production of testosterone by interstitial cells of testes ii. Induces follicle to produce estrogens iii. Stored and Released Sex Determinism: *Mammals: Y chromosome is sex determining for males *Birds/Butterflies: W chromosome is sex determining for females *Others: not genotype determined: haplo-diploidy: i. fertilized diploid: female ii. unfertilized haploid: male *Temperature-Dependent Sex determination  Pivotal Temperature: Equal number of males and females Asexual Reproduction *Advbantageous for animals in stable environment  Clones: coral i. Buds form from somatic tissue ii. Single individual produces colony  Parthenogenesis: i. Only ova (unfertilized embryo makes organism) ii. No male gamete required Oogenesis: 3 types:  Ovipary: i. Ova expelled ii. External development  Vivipary i. Internal fertilization ii. Internal development  Ovivipary i. Internal fertilization ii. Internal development: nutrient source is yolk Reproduction - Meiotic division II: post-poned till puberty - Granulose Cells: Somatic Follicle cells - Proliferation of granulose: secretes ECM, zona pellucida formed (separates from oocyte) - there are - Cytoplasmic bridges between oocyte and granulose cells so the cells can provide nutrients - Theca: layer of connective tissue which produce androgens Egg Structure:  Aquatic: i. Permeable to water ii. Gelatinous with viscous coating iii. Unfertilized, develop externally once fertilized iv. No shell: external fertilization possible v. Limitation: requires aquatic environment  Terrestrial: i. Resist dehydration ii. Hardened CaCO3 shell iii. Limitation: internal fertilization  Placental (Eutherian) and Marsupial (Metatherian): i. No eggshell ii. Internal rearing (safer) iii. Enclosed in amnion Extraembryonic membrane of Amntiotes:  Amnion i. Surrounds embryo ii. Encloses fluid (cushion) iii. Favorable ionic/osmotic environment  Shell
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