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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Reproduction.pdf

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Chris Garside

Lecture 6 ReproductionOctober 23 2013258 PMHey guys read about the JH20 hormones in the textbookI remember him mentioning it somewhere but apparently I havent typed it I am so sorry I cant remember where it is Dont worry though I typed the rest of what he said If you want to you can listen to the recording again but I did type and the color coding for this are the blue font is what the prof said in classblack font is what I typed from the book before listening for the recordings Dont mint the spelling errorsIn many cases the females and males uses the same hormonesLook for the links between the male and the females In many cases the hormones are the same used in male and the femaleWhat is reproductionThis is a fundamental feature of life Every living organism reproduces through a reproductive process No other physiological system in our bodies are significantly different than this system Because the tissues are differentThis is essential for carrying on of species Not essential for homeostasis Not essential for survival Or for other thingsBIO270 Page 1 There are two sex cells egg and sperm Combines to form new organism New organism looks different from parents because of recombination Production of offspring from two parents They are genetically different from parents Nearly equal genetic material Offsprings are variableGenomic variation can be generated at three levelsYou have haploid gametes from diploid parents Oogenesis and spermatogenesis In organisms such as us who have diploid cells and 23 pairs of chromosomes we have 8 million possibilities of genetically different gametes in a single individualAlso recombination can create hybrids of maternal and paternal chromosomesThird diploid offspring produced by fertilization are unique combinations of the different variant types arising independently from the first two processes in both oogenesis and spermatogenesis Pg 666 BIO270 Page 2
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