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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 - Digestion.pdf

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University of Toronto St. George
Chris Garside

Lecture 10 DigestionDecember 6 2013240 PMEnergy and built So we need to eat To maintain our selvesTo reproduce We have to eat To feed and digest is a must Digestion is the breaking down of moleculesAbsorption is also important Secretion of enzymes to break down the food molecules What is digestion all aboutText goes through them well I am going to bypass them Dont know if he will ask BIO270 Page 1 This imageWe start at the top Where we have to sense the nutrients We can see it and smell it Insects can find the source of the food There are many mechanisms that can do that Secondly most organisms use some sort of mechanical digestionhere in the tongue is involved in mech digestion As food gets released to the intestine there is chemical processing and break down of macromolecules and assimilation And absorption of those molecules into the body so the body can use them as building blocks And then of course egestionBIO270 Page 2
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