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Lecture 11

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Chris Garside

1. Insulation of animals lessens the heat loss as, (slide 9, lecture 11) a. Convection and conduction b. Convection and evaporation c. Convection and radiation d. Conduction and evaporation 2. What kind of mechanism does tuna and bill fish use respectively in regulating heat as heterotherms, slide 14 a. Uses a futile cycle and converts heat to mechanical energy; countercurrent heat exchange b. Countercurrent heat exchange; converts heat to mechanical energy c. All are trure d. None 3. How many statements are true about homeovisouc adaptation a. Endotherms regulate their body T through this mechanism b. Increasing fatty acid chain length helps adaptation to colder environments c. Choelsterol helps regulate membrane fluidity in high temperatures d. PE increases membrane fluidity while PC decreases fluidity i. 1 ii. 2 iii. 3 iv. 4 4. What is true about the following thermal strategies; slide 24 a. Freeze tolerance animals secrete nucleators in the extracellular fluid to avoid ice crystal growth and thus controls the location and kinetics of ice crystal growth b. Freeze tolerance animals produces intracellular solutes to counteracts colligative property changes and avoids the water leaving the cell c. Freezing tolerance animals increase the intracellular osmolarity and thus depresses the freezing point d. All of the above 5. How many of the sentences are true about Freeze avoiders, a. Avoid freezing in cold environments by secreting glycol proteins which binds to ice crystams ; colligative b. Avoid freezing by secreting proteins and glycol proteins; colligative c. Secretes proteins and glycoproteins; non colligative (slide 25) d. Secreting anti freeze macromolecules and removes nucleation steps. i. 1 ii. 2 iii. 3
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