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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George
Chris Garside

Muscles lecture 6 1. How many are true, a. The nucleus of the skeletal muscle fibres are found in the center of the myofibre b. Conformational changes are needed for the motor proteins to move along the intermediate filaments c. Intermiediate filaments are the largest of the cytoskeleton, with microfilaments been next d. Microfilaments and microtubules resist tension in the cell e. MAPs are essential in maintaining the structure of a cell i. 1 ii. 2 iii. 3 iv. 4 v. 5  A incorrect. Because the nucleus is found in the periphery. Might be because of the myofibres pushes the nucleus away.  B is incorrect. Not intermediate filaments. Micro filaments and microtubules  Intermediate filaments are medium in size, microtubules are the largest, and microfilaments are the smallest  D is wrong. Not microtubules, but INTERMeDIATE FILAMENTS resistes tension  E. is correct. In maintaining the structure of cells such as axons which never changes their shape 2. How many are true, a. Taxol stabilizes the MT while colchicine destabilizes MT b. The asymmetric activation of kinesin creates the movement in the flagella and cilia c. The function of capping proteins is to increase length by stabilizing the + end of the microfilaments and thus slow assembly of the subunits d. Filamin proteins link bundled networks while fascin protein links tangled networks of microtubulin, while these are connected to the PM by protein dystrophin i. 1 ii. 2 iii. 3 iv. 4
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