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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 notes

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Lecture 4 BIO270H1 October 3, 2012  Cell signaling o 4 types  Direct signaling  Autocrine and paracrine signaling (short distance)  Diffusion occurs when the chemical messenger diffuses into a receptor. Indirect signaling  Endocrine signaling (long distance)  Neural signaling (long distance) o Direct signaling  Hemichannel: 6 comexins  End notes: Electrical coupling and metabolic coupling to link tissues and cells.  Gap junctions are dynamic. They can be close and open.  Responsible of a group of cells against damaged cells. o Indirect signaling  It has to produce and release its chemical messenger.  Messenger carried in extracellular fluid to target cell…….  SHORT DISTANCE  Paracrine (soluble messenger)  Autocrine  Juxtacrine (membrane attached messengers)  LONG DISTANCE  Endocrine System  Nervous system – diffuses across synapse. o Glands  Exocrine  Release of messenger to ext
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