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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Chris Garside

Lecture 3  Cellular Membrane o Selectively permeable membrane with 2 primary functions o 1. Isolate cellular from the environment o 2. Organize intracellular pathways into compartments  Membrane structure o Phospholipids  Structural support  Polar head and tails o Sphingolipids  Electrical properties o Glycolipids  Communication o Cholesterol o Protein  Membrane heterogeneity o Lipid rafts  Temperature and membrane fluidity o Environmental conditions o High temperature: phospholipids are far apart o Low temperature: phospholipids are close together  Membrane Protein o Integral membrane protein: tightly bound; embedded in membrane o Peripheral membrane protein: integral membrane proteins of glycolipids  Membrane Transport o Passive diffusion  Lipid soluble molecules  No energy  No transporter  High to low o Facilitated diffusion  Hydrophilic molecules  No energy transporter  Ion channels: small pores for specific ions, open and close and “gated”  Porins: larger molecules  Permeases: limit molecules and changes conformation o Ion channels  Voltage-gated: change in voltage  Ligand-gated: separates ligand binds  Mechanogated: responses to the movement in the cell o Active Transport  Energy  Low to high  Primary active transport: one molecule  P-pump: pump specific ions (Na+, K+ and Ca2+)  F-type and v-type: pump H+  ABC type: carry organic molecules  Secondary active transport: two molecules transported  Antiport/ exchanger: move molecules in different directions  Symport/ cotransporter: molecules same direction  Electrical Gradients o All chemical gradients o Electroneutral carriers: transport neutral molecules/exchange in an equal number of mol
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