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Lecture 4

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Lecture 4 4Two main types of mechanoreceptor proteinso ENaC epithelial Na Channels o TRP ChannelsThese channels are linked to the extracellular matrixMechanical stimuli cause the exracellular anchors to move relative to the cytoskeleton pulling on the chane and causing a conformational change that opens or closes the channel changing the RMP Different channel locations different ions 5Tactile Rs are isolated sensory cells embedded in the skinSome are free nerve endsing and other are associated with accesosroy structures 6Merkels Disks are free nerve endings associated with an enlarged epidermal cellThey have small receptive fieldsSlowly adapting tonic receptors most sensitive to indentation of the skino Fire AP through duration of stimulus o Localization time and for how long it lasts because it wont adapt Small receptive field is beneficial because we can localize where the input was coming from o Discriminate particular location 7Nerve endings that are wrapped around the base of a hair follicleRapidly adapting phasic receptors most sensitive to changes in movement8Rapid adaptation by the Pacinian Corpuslce is a good ex of mechanical filtering by accessory structuresThe Pacinian Corpuslce is a pressure and vibration receptor found deep in the skin muscle tendons and joints 9With the corpuscle intact the neuron depolarized transiently at the onset and offset of the stimulusWith the accessory layers removed the neuron remained depolarized during most of the stimulus
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