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Lecture 5

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Lecture 5 Sensory Physiology: Photoreception Cross Section In the Cochlea: o Outer hairs amplify quiet sound Change shape in response to sound Do not release neurotransmitter The change in the shape of the hair cell increases the movement of the basilar membrane increased stimulus to inner hair cells Inhibited by efferent neurons in response to loud sounds Cristae Detect Angular Acceleration Photoreception o Ability to detect small proportion of the electromagnetic wave: from near infared to near UV A small proportion of the electromagnetic spectrum from ultraviolet to near infared Ability to detect this range of wavelengths supports idea that animals evolved in water Wavelengths around the visible light travels well in water; other wavelengths do not Electromagnetic Spectrum o Most creatures dont detect o Visible light for humans o Visible light is must less attenuated in water Photoreceptors o Range from single light-sensitive cells to complex, image- forming eyes o Two major types of photoreceptor cells: Ciliary photoreceptors Have a single, highly folded cilium Folds form disks that contain photopigments Rhabdomeric photoreceptors Apical surface covered with multiple outfoldings called microvillar projections Microvillar projections contain photopigments o Photopigments Molecules that absorb energy from photons Phylogeny of Photoreceptors o Vertebrates have ciliary receptors, but other chordata have both
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