CSB325 Lecture 7 Notes

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Cell and Systems Biology
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David Lovejoy

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CSB325 Lecture 7 Feeding Digestion Appetite Slide 1 We talked about some of the elements that are most important to survival Osmoregulation is the most fundamental of all the survival processes Osmoregulation was the first set of stressors that an organism would have perceived The second set of stressors and the second set of the most important elements that are associated with survival are nutrients Slide 2 We tend to put more emphasis on high quality food than on low quality food Some foods will be easier to detect than others All of this is associated with feeding It all has to be integrated on a regular basis Every time you eat and throughout the day you are going through this integration Finally there is an integration that is made and you will decide to eat Slide 3 The integration occurs at the hypothalamus The hypothalamus acts to coordinate all of the neuroendocrine and endocrine components associated with eatingSlide 4 Gastrin and cholesystokinin play a role with the gut These are also found in the brain where they play a role with stress and motivational behaviour These are structurally related GIP secretin glucagon GLP1 and VIP are all related with each other They had a common gene at one point GRP neuromedin B and bombesin are all structurally related to each other and are the result of gene duplications Slide 6 In some cases chromosomes can be duplicated parts of genes can be duplicated genes can be duplicated or genomes can be duplicated If we look at the number of genes that we have relative to what a vertebrate progenitor has eg tunicate then we find that we have four times as many genes There are some species that have gone through more than two gene duplications Some teleost have gone through three gene duplications so they have 8 times as much Some sharks have gone through four genome duplications so they have 16 times as muchSlide 7 If you have GH in the body it is the result of the lineage of humans primates and mammals In all of that period of time there is a certain amount of mutational accrual that occurs within the gene The structure of GH in humans is going to be slightly different from the structure of GH in a shark GH in
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