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Cell and Systems Biology

Smoking is addictive8 out of 10 teens who try smoking get hookedOver half of Grade 12 students are unable to quitOnly 5 of student smokers think that they will be smoking in 5 years But 5 years later 80 of them are heavy smokers60 of smokers try to quit Most smokers quit several times before stopping for good80 of smokers would like to quitCigarette smoking is more addictive and harder to quit than heroin or cocaineSmoking killsIt is estimated that 55 of young men and 51 of young women who started smoking by age 15 will die before age 70 if they continue to smokeTobacco kills more than 40000 Canadians per year Thats more than the total number of deaths from AIDS traffic accidents suicide murder fires and accidental poisoningYouth and TobaccoMost teens are concerned about their appearance and social life however when it comes to smoking anddating 8 out of 10 guys and 7 out of 10 girls say they would not date someone who smokeswrinkling smoking causes premature wrinkling It makes the skin dry and leatheryzits smoking makes it take longer for acne to healhair loss it causes hair loss in some teenssmiles smoking yellows teeth causes tooth decay and contributes to oral cancerWhy is secondhand smoke dangerous to childrenSecondhand smoke releases the same 4000 chemicals as smoke that is directly inhaled but in even greater quantity Approximately 50 of these chemicals carcinogens cause cancerBecause it burns at a lower temperature than inhaled smoke sidestream smoke contains3 times more tar which gums up lungs and breathing passages5 times more carbon monoxide which reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood10 times more benzene which is a poison used in insecticides40 times more ammonia which is commonly used in household cleanershttpwwwcanadiancrccomSmokingaspxMarijuana
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