CSB327 Lecture 17 Notes

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Cell and Systems Biology
Maurice Ringuette

CSB327 Lecture 17 NotesDiabetic cardiomyopathy November 28 2012 4Facts about heart failure in CanadaCVD accounts for 36 of hospital admissions Heart failure is the inability to pump enough blood It doesnt have to be lethal 5Heart failureHeart failure is due to a variety of things7Diabetes mellitus A metabolic disease characterized by high blood sugar hyperglycemiaT1D is when the pancreatic cells dont make enough insulin T2D is related to diet and excess body fat You become desensitized to insulin As a result the body sense that and they start producing more insulin to return the glucose levels to normal You must regulate this tightly Eventually the pancreas fails to pump out more insulin the system cant cope and glucose levels rise You need to control your diet and you need to exercise 9Extracellular matrix components of the myocardiumCardiac myocytes do not form interstitial matrices The interstitial matrices is critical for the heart to have strength to have the rhythmic contraction 10Myocardial endomysial collagen arrangement In the left ventricle you have muscle sheets You can see the muscle cells myocytes The endomysial is a bunch of myocytes surrounded by ECM Look at the tremendous amount of collagenous rich matrix in the heart It is highly organized From one muscle cell to another the myocytes are hooked together by struts You can appreciate the tensile strength of collagen at the right level It can be excessive so a heart can function normally 11What makes a myofibroblastI am going to talk about cardio myocytes Collagen III increases the flexibility and compliance of the tissueOne of the signature features of myofibroblasts is SMA 12The myofibroblast up closeYou can see the fibronectin and the polarity of the actin filaments are in parallel13Myofibroblast phenotypic markersVimentin is concentrated at FA sites Desmin is part of intermediate filaments of muscle cells These are markers that show you that you have fully differentiated myofibroblasts14Diabetic hyperglycemia and the formation of advanced glycation end products AGSs
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