CSB327 Lecture 1 Summary

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Cell and Systems Biology
Maurice Ringuette

CSB327 Lecture 1 Notes - ECM o An ECM is an integrated circuit of complex matrix molecules o Two major types  Basal lamina or basement membrane  Thin and sheet-like  Underlies epithelium  Surrounds muscle cells, adipose cells and peripheral nerves  Connective tissue ECM or interstitial ECM  Thick  Underlies basal lamina  Most abundant  Composite of all the major types of ECM molecules o Both are enriched in different types of collagens - ECM molecules o Have structural and regulatory activities critical for the development of multicellular organisms  Serve as adhesive scaffold for cell attachment and migration  Act as regulators of all cellular activities o Dynamic reciprocity is communication between cells and their ECM o Matrix homeostasis is fundamental to development  The ECM is continuously being remodelled during early development - Secretory pathway for ECM molecules o Nucleus  pre-MRNA or hnRNA  splicing and capping  cytosol  mRNA  translation  translation arrest  ER  Golgi  secretory vesicles  secretion  extracellular space - Synthesis of a protein destined for the ER o Translation begins in the cytosol  RNA is translated in the 5’ to 3’ direction  Nascent polypeptide protein is synthesized from the N-terminus to C-terminus o When about 70 amino acids have been polymerized, the signal peptide is no longer masked by the ribosome  Signal peptide  Continuous stretch of 6-30 hydrophobic residues followed by one or more basic residues in the N-terminus  Begin with a short stretch of positive residues  Direct protein to ER membrane  Open translocon o SRP (signal recognition particle) binds to the signal peptide on nascent polypeptide  Causes block in translation  SRP is made of six proteins and one RNA  SRP54 has hydrophobic Met residues that binds to the hydrophobic domain of signal peptide o SRP54 hydrophobic interaction with signal peptide o SRP attaches to SRP receptor on RER membrane  SRP and SRP receptor (SRα and SRβ) are displaced and recycled  3
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