CSB327 Lecture 5 Summary

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University of Toronto St. George
Cell and Systems Biology
Maurice Ringuette

CSB327 Lecture 5 Notes - Epithelial cells are polarized o Sit on a basal lamina o May be motile during wound repair o Golgi complex is in apical cytoplasm o Lateral side forms specialized junctions between cells - Mesenchymal cells are spindle shaped o Reside in the ECM o May be motile o Golgi complex is at leading edge o Do not form specialized junctions between cells - Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) o Epithelial cells are released from the surrounding tissue in EMT  Tight junctions, adherens junctions and desmosomal junctions are dissociated  The basal lamina is sometimes dissolved by MMP to be able to transmigrate across  The new mesenchymal cells are emigrating o Epithelial cells is reached with the formation of basal lamina in MET o EMT is easier than MET - Effect of solubilizing ECM molecules on corneal epithelial differentiation o Epithelium isolated from embryonic ECM o The basal surface blebs if placed on Millipore filter o The basal surface continues to bleb after adding albumin, IgG, hyaluronan, Chondroitin sulphate and heparan sulfate o The basal surface smoothes out after adding collagens capable of polymerizing, fibronectin, laminin - Activation of mesenchymal transformation of epithelia by 3D type I collagen gels o Enzymatically digested type I collagen cannot polymerize in vitro o Epithelia placed on 3D type I collagen gel  Epithelial cells spread out on the gel and lay down a new basal lamina o Epithelia suspended in 3D type I collagen gel  Epithelial cells forms multiple cell layers and undergo EMT  The apical side forms mesenchymal-like cells that break free and migrate within the gel o Lens epithelium  Crystallins, collagen IV and laminin expression is inhibited  Fibronectin, collagen I, collagen V, α5β1 integrin (major fibronectin receptor) expression on apical surfaces - Early stages of mouse development o Zona pellucida is the fertilization extracellular membrane  Zona pellucida is when the bla
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