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Sathya SivapathasundaramthWednesday 13 2011Day 3Role 2 Discussion Director1Explain the importance of Dunstan refusing to marry DianaThe importance of Dunstan refusing to marry Diana was more because of his need to figure out what he wanted to do with his life and who he was Diana nursed him back to health and made sure that he was adjusting to his prosthetic leg and although Dunstan felt as though she was taking care of him he still did not want to marry her He felt that their age his present conditions and Leola were all reasons not to marry her however in the novel he also states that he needed to find himself but I managed to make it clear that what I most wanted was time to grow up The war had not matured me Davies 892Describe Dunstans feelings towards StauntonDunstan was always envious of Staunton for many reasons Staunton was from a rich family and his father was a well known member of society Staunton was also considered a Hero in Canada after the war a
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