Lecture 6

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Cell and Systems Biology
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Melanie Woodin

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CSB332H1S L6 Jan25 2012Quiz 30 multiple choice qs know how to explain figures know material up to end of todays this lectureMethod 2 slower 20msElectrochem grad for permeant ion thru that rec Method 1 Physiologicalfast current 1 few msultimately determines responseNeed to know reversal pot for that neurotransmitter GABA rec mainly CNSGlycine rec mainly PNS Arecthreshold in order to know if EPSP or IPSP very similar structurally related both primarily whether or not depolarizing or hyperpolarizingpermeant to ClIf reversal pot is depolarizing relative to Recording pots adding glycine bath containing thresholdEPSPneurotransmitterIf reversal pot is hyperpolarizing relative to Hypolarizing currentcompletely abolish if get rid of thresholdIPSPCl grad get back if put in backHold membrane at dif pots w voltage clampsee Cl current doesnt change over time in development where reversesNa changes but doesnt affect response always Stimulate presynaptic inputsGABA flows across excitatory
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