Lecture notes for second half of lecture 8

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Cell and Systems Biology
Richard Stephenson

One of the approcahes is the move towards studying simpler animals. Its based on assumption, simple animals evolved sleep for same reasons as complex animals. Sometimes its useful to take an approach that takes a global stance and try and come up wi th answers. Instead of taking specific hypothese, use drosophila, apply random approach to mutating them (sleep mutating) that might lead to chacs tha t might lead to fucntions of sleep. Droso have sle ep like behaviour. Genome sequced long time back s o easier to manipulate. Study them on mass. Apply mutagenic subs, generate random mutations, study s leep beheaviour, look for unusual behaviour like ( qty of sleep etc), go ahead and study those, apply those to mammilian systems. And ultimately to dtr mine genetic mechs applicabale to human conditions . Can use droso in large numbers. labs studied droso using infrared systems measurin g their sleep. one of the goals is to produce dros o that doesnt sleep. they failed to do so. the lin es rep a certain amt of droso that get a certain a mt of sleep. males more lazy, sleep more. there ar e some mutants that sleep all the time, some dont sleep much at all by comparison. the starred one h as minisleep, problem with ion channel but theyre still getting like 5 hours of sleep. altho they d ont sleep much, sleep quite a bit. its possible th at they did produce mutations that had no sleep bu t the mutations died before they could be measured. Sleep is adaptative, takes time. the minimum amt o f sleep might be linked to basic physiologic funct ions. core sleep vs optional sleep. the actual tim es and qts may not be directly linked though. opti onal sleep reqd for non-physiologic functions ex a nimal living in env where mvt is hazardous. study of sleep patters is study of sleep regulation, mig ht not tell about sleep functions. Immoblization may max eff for restoration of thing s, fat stores etc. It might be protective, might a www.notesolution.com
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