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Cell and Systems Biology
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Mounir Abou Haidar

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Lecture 1CSB351Y1YClosed CaptioningHe is mostly introducing the course at the end of it he starts listing a bunch of viruses but you can find that from the course syllabus There are no viruses with both RNA and DNA Why Thats how we originate we have DNA and transcribe it into RNA and so on in viruses NO Viruses have genetic infoeither RNADNA Then they have proteins around to cover nucleic acid and the viruses are two kinds shapes helical or icosahedral Its a strucgture with 20 faces All viruses fall into this form and have either RNADNA which is packaged inside covered totallySome viruses the complicated ones have lipids around them The virus takes a piece of membrane from the cell and makes an envelope thats where the lipids come fromSome viruses have envelopes some dont herpes have envelope HIV has polio doesnt have papilloma doesnt have Simple virus have either RNADNA complicated ones have lipids carbohydrates makes glycoproteins well see them later Then Ill show you how to isolate viruses Then Ill spend one lecture to how to assemble a virus you can put the parts into a test tube and the virus is assembled again How they form is important if you understand this you can prevent the assembly of the virus you can get antiviral substance and your pocket will be full of moneyWe spend some time on single genome plant viruses some have divided genomes Divided genomes meanswe have one chromosome influenza has several pieces of DNA all pack
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