Lecture 2

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Cell and Systems Biology
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Mounir Abou Haidar

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Lecture 2CSB351Y1YClosed CaptioningA LOT OF THE BEGINNING WAS HISTORYbut since we dont have to know it I decided not to include it in the review pages 23Pages for this lecture 3 bottom 4 5 7 top diagram Supl to p9 12 10 brieflyViruses are not filterable that makes the difference between viruses and bacteriaElectron microscope is able to show you viruses light microscopes cannot show you viruses If you crystallize a virus you can do xray diffraction and get the structure If you shine the xray beam on it you can see exactly what it is down to the atomic level and you can design antiviral drugs The protease inhibitor of HIV was made with xray diffraction they design chemical to fit right into active site of enzyme and then you have antiviral drug It doesnt cure you because HIV produces 1 billion new particles per day you just need ONE to have a mutation and then the virus will propagate again and youre dead So in the beginning TMV tobacco mosaic virus they began to analyze it 95 of it is made of protein one type and 5 is RNA Someone separated the protein and RNA and accidently mixed them up and saw virus could selfassemble Now were going to start real virology The next few lectures are going to zip fast through composition of viruses although notes are extensive I will go with you through them Ok definition of a virus whats a virus a virus is a tiny submicroscopic particle capable of multiplying in living cells A virus outside a living ce
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