Lecture 3

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Cell and Systems Biology
Mounir Abou Haidar

Lec 3 pages 1114 from the new pdf on portal supplication to pg 9 pgs 2 4 KP are the points he told us to write in gold andare what I think hes trying to say Well be looking at Definition of VirusesWe said viruses are made of either RNA or DNA the genetic material inside a capsid or a code protein No virus has both types of genetic material ie RNA or DNA Every virus either has a RNA or a DNA insideComposition of VirusesViruses are made of either RNA or DNAUsually in most cases viruses have a code or capsid protein to cover the RNA or the DNAoSome viruses also have envelope I think an extra envelope around them that are made of lipids ie butter and oil are lipids that comes from the membrane of the cell KP Viruses do not the genetic information to code for their own lipids They dont code for their own lipids They code for their own proteins and enzymes but not for the lipidsLipids in envelope viruses are taken from the membrane of the celloThe viruses wrap themselves with pieces of the membrane of the cell
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