Lecture 9

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University of Toronto St. George
Cell and Systems Biology
Mounir Abou Haidar

Lecture 9 Oct 9Page 63 PDF page 78genome virus areviruses that have gene a genome a set of gene for virus 20 2530 thousands of genevirus are small some have 3 or 5 or 150 genesthere is recent discover of minivirus it a huge virus almost as big as bacteria this unusual virus is found in ameba most case virus have the gene or genomic single or double strand in RNA or DNA some viruses have gene divided into more than one piecesHere we have two component system mean virus divide into two piecesie TMV one piece RNA package into one capsid protein one RNA molecule genome single component everyone is infectious TMV infected tobacco plant and potatoes as wellwhen plant infected they get dry when wind blow it like rattle snake sound make up of two different parts under microscope one short and one small not attached to anything totally separateneed two particles to enter the same cell to function as a virusThere is the 3 component system another plan virus call bromovirus4 pieces RNA split into same boxsame heterogeneityRNA 1 large RNA 2 shorter than RNA one in separate particle 3 and 4 smaller they target different particles they all look same on outside coz of same box same capsid protein not attach to each other but they all different RNA when open up the capsid other viruses in plant every RNA package separatethere another 3 component it the alfalfa mosaic virus like sausage helical there 4 pieces 4th sometime found as empty completely different if put alone it not attach group of sausages if alone on surface of cell alone they cant do anything need a combination to workin animal and human we also have divided genome like reovirusesdouble stranded RNA virusesthese package inside single virus particlethey are infectious in one package unlike those they are not attach influenza have 78 piecesall package in same virus particle mean viruses particle infectiousimagine have this 78 pieces viruses influenza make another of 78 pieces of black RNA these two human and then one from whatever they can be infectious
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