Lecture 19

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Cell and Systems Biology
Mounir Abou Haidar

thNovember 13virologyLecture 19My transcription covers what was said in class This is by no means a complete set of notes and you will need his notes to supplementTalking about video Kid with polio paralyzed the legs Polio is still not eradicated In Haiti if they dont keep vaccinating Orally taken vaccine is attenuated vaccine Oncetaken it mutates to some variant form The feces from this kid can be a source of virusbecause the vaccine is an attenuated vaccine Therefore the attenuated has drawbacks But it is the more effective form of the vaccine compared to IPVinactivated polio vaccineHepatovirusesPage 122Virus replicate in liver only There is no indication that the virus replicate outsideof the liver It is resistant to some detergent inactivation like mild detergent and heat up to 65 degrees The virus can stand a certain degree of heat This is how the virus can survive in environment This is how they can be transmitted from person to person eg Loblaws where the person doesnt even know that they have the virus Can also get from food like green onion and uncooked shellfish that has been contaminated by presence of virus in water People that have viremia virus sickness in blood leading to virus in the biliary tract so a lot shed by the liver when you have the infection Hepatitis A virus HAV genome has VPg at 5 end It has Poly A tail and when replicated by polymerase it makes Poly U The 5 untranslated region is very largebecause they have IRES So the whole genome is translated as one open readingframe This virus is classified in same group as polio HAV only affects liver and doesnt go into brainThere is very little genetic drift ie doesnt change or mutate very much So a vaccine is very efficient Page 123 Some people are symptomatic and some are icteric ie produces jaundice Bile is eliminated by liver into intestine but when liver is shot the bile is not taken out leading to jaundice Bile is a toxin The kidney tries to clear some of the jaundice and then the urine becomes dark because of this like Coca ColaThe virus is shed through the feces even before the onset of symptoms Means once you see symptoms its too latethe person has been shedding the virus already Some symptoms include high fever which is typical of infection malaise nausea which arent very specific to HAV But symptoms like tenderness in the right upper guardant jaundice and dark urine are more specific symptoms that a doctor can use to diagnose Also have high level of serum bilirubin which is yellow and will high concentration in blood which isnt normal A blood test will also detect a high level liver enzymes ANP etc which are usually found in healthy liver cells But when liver is infected with virus there are a lot of dead cells of liver hence
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