Lecture 13

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Cell and Systems Biology
Mounir Abou Haidar

thTuesday November 13 TRANSCRIPTmovie you saw some of the problems with Polio How it inflicted kid or person You saw the guy putting shoes on his hands to walk he has no choice Its not funny at all You see the problem of Polio still not eradicated India Africa etc further you see outbreak of Polio from oral vaccine Oral vaccine activated and when it comes out from the feces can infect other kids with no vaccine To take attenuated vaccine you need to do shots Oral vaccine is much easier to apply but got problems Eradicate polio by 2010 goal we are still too far from itP122 C HepatovirusesHepatitis AThe viruses is essentially replicated in the liver only But quite resistant to high temperature 65 degrees and quite resistant to mild soapwash your hand lightly wont do Boiling will kill the virus but 65 degrees is quite hot already yet it wont kill the virus This is how the virus can survive in the environment and transmit from people to peopleEssential transmission is oralfecal route can also transmit through food Eg guy in loblaw handling fruits Cooks handling salad Can also be in fish if the fish came from area of the sea polluted by untreated sewage You eat that youll get the virusLittle indication Hep A can replicate outside the liverViremiavirus get into the blood You have tons of virus coming out of the liver into the intestine and into the feces You can have tons of viruses up to 10 thousand infection particle per mml of serum A lot of virus shed by the liver when you have infectionThe genome is very similar to other piconavirusRNA virus has a VPG at the 5 end I will never ask you for the size of the virus dont need to know the molecular weight Single strandednot basepair just base Eg kilo base not kilo bpIt has a polyA tail has polymerase to make poly A It doesnt have adenylation signal5untranslated region is very large because of the IRES The whole genome is translated as one opening frame and produces a polyprotein You need proteases to process it very similar to polio which is why we classify them together This one only affects the liver not the brain Little genetic driftgood for vaccination the vaccine will always work since the target wont change60 of infected people are symptomatic some gets jaundice Bile from the liver not taken out stays in bloodtoxic Kidneys try to clear jaundiceurine becomes like coca colavery dark The virus is shed in the feces even before the symptom showsspread before diagnosedTenderness in the right upper quadrum is specific symptomthats where the liver is Jaundice and dark urine also specific Not fever diarrhea etc those are too common for different diseasesElevated serum bilirubintons in the blood when its not suppose to be Elevated enzymesextremely high level of liver enzymes in the blood Alt ext are enzymes
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