Lecture 9

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Cell and Systems Biology
Mounir Abou Haidar

CSB351Lecture 9Relevant pages in orderpp130133 diagram on p142 supplement to p145 1 of 12 diagram on p135POTYVIRUSESa whole bunch of viruses belonging to that group like Potato Virus Y These are helicalTheir genome is very similar to that of the picornavirusespicornaviruses are icosahedralAnd the picornas are in humans and animalsSo they dont classify a plant virus with the animal ones with the human ones Classification is useful in terms of understanding the characteristicsAnyway those are flexible like a spaghettiTMV is stiffer solid these are flexiblethey can bend and are helicalPlease remember the helical viruses the RNA is NOT in the hole The RNA is packaged in between the layers of subunits because the function of a capsid protein is to protect the RNA from the ribonucleasesIf put in the hole it is accessible like outsideits uselessNow you will see very soon starting today after this a lot of those viruses which you are going to see RNA viruses RNA viruses they have a lot of RNA and the RNA has a nucleocapsid NCNCnucleo from nucleic aciddifferent from the reocapsid Those they cover the RNA most of the RNA in those viruses like the influenza virus and they have the NC around the RNAIts a helical fashion it is always flexible so the RNA is like similar to those to a certain degreeThen the rest is packaged with a capsid protein or a core proteinNow we see more complex virusesSo they have the RNA a NC around the RNA which is helical then sometimes we have another capsid to package it and then you have the The simple viruses which we saw so far the capsid protein is a nucleocapsidIts like TMV Potato Virus Y PotyvirusesThe nucleocapsid is a capsid itself because it covers the RNA it makes
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