Lecture 17

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Cell and Systems Biology
Mounir Abou Haidar

CSB351Lecture 17 Nov 607CSB351Lecture 17Nov 6 2007Announcements Sample test is posted on the websitethe last few questions are the more important ones You lose 5 if you miss the test with a medical noteLecture Page 109113PositiveSense NonEnveloped RNA virusesPicornavirusesPolio virus Rhinovirus Hepatitis A virus Coxsackie virus ECHO virus The above viruses areRNA virusesCaliciviridae ex Norwalk virus and Astrovirus looks like a star are alsoRNA viruses details about them are not important for the courseAlso dont worry about insect and bacterial viruses We already covered plant virusesPositivePlusRNA virusesgenomic RNA is directly translatable by the ribosomes of eukaryotic cellsTranslation of Picornaviruses In generalRNA viruses have a cap note not all of themWhy the cap Because there is a cap binding protein which binds to the cap and causes the ribosomes to associate and start looking for translationRNA viruses are generally capped at the 5 end and have a polyA tail at the 3 end However someRNA viruses like the Picornavirus are not capped at the 5 end Instead they have a VPg a small protein about 2223 amino acids hydrophobic covalently bond to the 5 end Since these viruses are not capped they have to find a way of translating their RNASo you have this Picornavira
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