Lecture 25

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Cell and Systems Biology
Mounir Abou Haidar

CSB351YLecture 25 December 06 2007Why do we only get influenza during the winter timeI was asked this question last year Why do we only get influenza during the winter timeI came up with a hypothesis because there was no definite information available at the time Hypothesis During the winter time its cold so when you sneeze the droplet that has the virus is able to remain stable The colder it is the more stable the virus Therefore the virus has longer life in a cold environment than in a warm environment because in a warm environment it will degrade and the virus wont live too long There was a study done on guinea pigs later and the result was exactly the same as my hypothesisParticularly its not the crowding that spreads influenza although crowding helps In school in September theres a lot of crowding too but you dont get an outbreak of influenza Its really more outside than inside because of the stability of the virus We store these viruses by keeping them in tissue at 80C in the freezer In conclusion when youre outside in the cold theres sneezing and you touch the doorknobs the virus will be much more stable and live longer if in a colder environment Thats part of itpg 156 230 in Adeels recordingParamyxovirusesParamyxoviruses areRNA one pieceSeveral typesParainfluenza viruses now classified as respiroviruses Examples In humansHuman Parainfluenza virus HPIVIn animalsNewcastle disease virus NDV in chicken Sendai virus in micenot going to see Rubillivirus now classified as RubulavirusExampleMumps virusMorbillivirus still called the same Examples In humansMeasles virus focusing on this only In animalsCanine Distemper Virus etc not going to see those PneumovirusExample Human Respiratory Syncytial VirusMetapneumovirus This is a new classification Not included in the notes Supplementary pg 175 1 of 23 410 in Adeels recordingRespiroviruses where respiro stands for respiration HPIV is part of this group Morbillivirus Measles virus which were going to see next lectureRubulavirus is Mumps virus Pneumoviruses is Human respiratory syncytial virus Pneumo comes from pneumoniaMetapneumovirusare recently discovered Examples hendravirus human and the Nipah virus Both viruses named based on place where discovered Prof doesnt care about the Turkey stuff This classification is a bit newer
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