Lecture 27

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University of Toronto St. George
Cell and Systems Biology
Mounir Abou Haidar

Jan 10 2008lecture 27red font indicates different page numberhighlighted in orange I wasnt surehighlighted in greenwhen he said remember itndMovie Thurs Jan 17 12 pm and Thurs Jan 24 12pm one on influenza virus and 2 one is ebola virus Back to measles virus it is an important virus because it still kills 1 million kids around the world per yearThere is only one serotype of measlesWe have vaccine for this virus we call it MMRmumps measles and rubella these are live attenuated viruses mixed togetheryou get vaccinated for the 3 viruses at the same time 145 mins into the Adeel recording Page 167Measles are antigenic stable therefore it doesnt change muchMost RNA viruses have what we call antigenic driftsmall mutations here and there that is normal that how these viruses changeAntigenic stablility means they are stable for the last 50 yrs or soPage 167227 mins into Adeel recording Serological Relationships and Variability Usually to produce a vaccine you need the epitope on the surface of the virus not inside the virus ie if you have matrix protein these are not accessible to the immune system because when the virus comes in they bind to the surface glycoproteins and so the body has to produce neutralizing antibodies that bind to the virus and prevent it from binding to the cellular surface proteins Vaccines also contain these neutralizing antibodiesOnce any antibodies bind to the virus the virus get attacked by the T killer and then the phagocytes eat the virusOnce infected we get viraemia when the virus is secreted in the blood we get fever and aches This is why we get a cold for 23 days same with Norwalk virusPage 167Epidemiology Usually the symptoms of the measles virs is found around the world edemic people are the target and reservoirsSymptom severity usually increases with age of infected individuals healthy kids are fine Only malnourished kids are severely affected545 mins into Adeel recording Table page 171These are the organs targeted by the virus
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