Lecture 29

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University of Toronto St. George
Cell and Systems Biology
Mounir Abou Haidar

CSB351 Lecture 29January 17 2008Made by Herman Verified by TardisBUNYAVIRIDIAEOutlinePostmovie talk of InfluenzaNew group of viruses The Bunyaviridae Genus and NamesPhysical Properties including ambisense RNATransmissionInternal buddingGenome overviewGlycoproteins G1 and G2CapsnatchingReplicationInfection of invertebrate hostsTransmission and EpidemiologyNOTE Recording times are based on Adeels incomplete lecture recording which contains the first 38 minutes or so of lectureThe last 14 minutes or so of material is basically what I could manage to type in lecture so it may be missing a bit of lecture info but the majority of it should be therePostmovie talk Recording time 00082230 Million People at least died from influenza in the 1918 epidemic and you saw how serious it was We had a few other outbreaks in late 60s in Hong Kongin one of them 1 million people died at that time A city like Philadelphia at that time was probably a quarter of the size of Torontothey had 70K cases in one monthCampstents were made because of the sheer number of patients they were putting tags on people before they died expected them to die ran out of coffins etcIt was depressing but it could happen again which is why everyone is so scared of this N1H5 strainThey estimate that another flu epidemic which could happen at any time would probably kill 150200M now People were wondering if civilizationhuman race would survive coffins were taken away en masse by carriageProf tries to motivate students again saying to shape up that by creating a proper vaccine an epidemic could be avoidedmotivating students to change the world You are the future
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