Lecture 31

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Cell and Systems Biology
Mounir Abou Haidar

240108Lecture 31Following the movie Time 0001524890 of Ebola Virus transmission occurs by contact with body fluids Its NOT airborne rdThe 3 strain of Filoviruses ie Ebola and Marburg are present in monkeys and the RestonWestern virus that we saw in the movie kills the monkeys and is airborne although only monkeys are affected The monkeyhandlers did get a little sick but nothing serious The reservoir for Ebola is fruit eating bats It is unknown how the virus got transmitted to monkeys and humans Biosafety level 4 entails use of space masks and oxygen tanks for air supplyStory about i how the Ministry of Health did not take effective precautions during the SARS outbreak despite the Profs recommendations ii Superfluous Biosafety 2 requirements when importing fruits and vegetables from South America iii Presence of biosafety 4 containments in urban areas iv Using a mask to protect oneself from viruses is like using chicken wire to keep out dust While we may protect our faces with a mask we need to protect our eyes too as it has soft tissue Time 248941Time 9411051People with Ebola virus have blood coming out of every orifice have rash on the skin and skin falls of easilySupp to Pg200 1 of 8 ARENAVIRUSESTime 10511239 RNA virusesName arena is derived from the Latin word for sand The virus have a grainy appearance due to the presence of hostderived cellular ribosomes not their own asked a question last year those viruses carry their own ribosomes No they dontUnknown purpose as to why they dontHe refers to the table of hemorrhagic viruses present on the same page None of these viruses are as serious as Ebola or other FilovirusesTime 12391610 Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus reaches the brain and causes encephalitis Mice are lifelong reservoirs and pass it from mothers to babies Since the virus is present in the offspring even before they have an immune system the virus is not considered foreign even when the immune system is developed Same applies for Rubella virus which is benign in the mother but gets transmitted to the baby through the umbilical cord and can deform the baby Time 16101733Problem with giving vaccines to 4 monthold babies is that since their immune system is not developed there is no immune attack on the viruses Soon the viruses are not seen anymore and are considered to be a part of the body thus rendering the baby as lifelong carriers for the virus important to know
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