Lecture 34

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Cell and Systems Biology
Mounir Abou Haidar

Lec 34Make your tableEg Influenza virus RNA 8 or 7 pieces Type Ahuman bird pig Bhuman Chuman and pigsAntigenic shift on A antigenic drift on A B and CCap snatchingAcidification or acid bath This is typical for Influenza the proton pump etc Disease symptoms suppose you are a doctor high fever running nose and eyes sneezing etcNote A Question about HepA will be on the testPage 210Yellow Fever Virus FlavivirusFlavi means yellowEncephelitis flavivirus in West NileDengue virusHepatitis C Note Yellow fever doesnt occur in this part of the worldPage 212Flavivirus Epidemiology and TransmissionYellow fever viruses are adapted to replicate in mammals like human and particularly rodents growing in the bush and wildernessMosquitoes suck the blood from those animals and they get infectedThey spread from animals to animals and animals to humansThere are two cycles of the transmission One is the urban cycle city You have a fountain in the backyard mosquitoes lay eggs in water and then they hatchThe other one is the forest cycleIn the forest there are swamps and trunks of treesThere are tons of mosquitoes hatching thereThe infected animalsare bilamic host which means that the virus are replicated in the bloodWhen the mosquitoes suck their blood they become infected The virus is replicated in the midgut of the mosquitoes and it goes out of the salivary gland when the mosquitoes are feedFemale mosquitoes infect the animalsPathologyJust have some ideas about the incubation period Ie Rabies Virus the incubation period is from couple of weeks even to a
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