Lecture 35

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University of Toronto St. George
Cell and Systems Biology
Mounir Abou Haidar

Lecture 35070208Hepatitis Cp217Hepatitis C is an important virus it is a FLAVIVIRUS why are the Hepatitis viruses not classified in the same family Hep A is part of the PICORNAVIRUSES Hep C is FLAVIVIRUS note viruses are classified according to their genome not the organs that they targetThis is why the Hepatitis viruses are not all in the same familyHep B is a class on its own Hep D is a satellite to Hep B it is a in a class of its own Hep D is similar to a viriodIt is a circular RNA Hep G is similar to Hep CThe Hepatitis C was discovered in 1989 it is the first virus to be discovered at the molecular level before it was seen in electron microscope They cloned the cDNA of the virus analyzed the sequence and came out with all the proteins bc once you have the RNA sequence you can translate theproteinsThey do all the proteins from the sequence before they see it with the microscope They knew it was nonA and nonB means its Hep CHep Cs prevalence is 16 Hep A most prevalent p 218 diagram Hep A 47 is not chronic acuteHep E also not chronicHep B is chronic Hep C is chronic Hep G is very close to Hep C and is also chronicHep D is satellite of Hep B never see Hep D alone not able to infect on its own oAble to replicate in the cell without Hep B but not able to spreadit steals Hep B capsid proteinsWhen you see Hep B infection sometimes you find Hep D and sometimes you dont Hep B exist on its own Hep D does not exist on its ownNever see Hep D on its own0520When they analyze the Hep C makes a polyprotein similar to PICORNA VIRUSES
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