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NB. 201LM lab prep on Wednesday 12 - 2 LECTURE 7 Kinetics Slide No. Notes 1 - how much product is formed - how much reactant disappears - 2) actual ratio of reactant to product once reaction appears to stop - 3) 2 - nothing to do with energy kinetics - spontaneous because of thermodynamics - kinetics deals with how long it takes 3 - atmospheric chemistry ozone depletion - biochemistry medicines - archaeology carbon dating - the more we understand of kinetics, more control over processes industrial reactions preferred to be fast also slow down food decomposition, aging 4 - more concentrated, more likely to collide earlier - more surface area, fastermore vigorous reaction - temperature 5 - red line = conc of A decreasing; green line B conc increasing - disappearance of reactant or appearance of B - note negative sign 6 - need to take into consideration coefficients 7 - Ans: B - Ans2: D 8 - note negative sign in average rate equation 9 - these are instantaneous rates - note that all three are same values - rate of reaction should be same for all reactants and products - do not matter which product or reactant examined, as long as coefficients taken into consideration - LATER on, slope smaller, so reaction slows down 10 - how rate changes with concentration - capitals are species of reaction; non-capitals are coefficients - double rate of N2O5, double rate of reaction rate is proportional to concentration - exponent = order of reaction - 11 - overall reaction order = sum of all exponents - Ans1: C - EX2. - double conc of A = increasing rate of reaction by four
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