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Lin Fang

Buddhism lecture 10/3/2013 9:10:00 AM  Mandate of heaven, system of primogeniture  Bureaucracy= more efficient way of running government  Confucian thinkers: scholar-officials  Buddhism in India  Buddha/ Englightened One  4 noble truths/ 8 fold path= suffering comes from desire and it can be regulated  Ideas developed from Hindu cosmology  Same time as Confucius and Greek philosophers  Samsara= reincarnation  Karma  Nirvana= being free of cycles of reincarnation  India became part of Kushin empire= spread to east Asia  King Ashoka= indian king that knew the first emperor  Mahayana Buddhism seen in east asia also called the greater vehicle  Developed later  Worshipped images  Buddha= divine being  Entities that are there to ensure salvation for others  The lesser vehicle= hinayana Buddhism= southeast asia  Restrict salvation to only the monks and nuns  Early teachings  Buddha= human teacher Spread of Buddhism:  Eastern Han= started Buddhism  Have records about the second emperor aka Ming di  Sent people to India as missionaries to find out the teachings and bring back to China  Monument= shows life from the Buddha  East Asia changed by having to adopt Buddhism  Celibacy  Goes against the Confucian value of family  Foreign origins  Language barrier= translate the sutras into different languages  Absorbed pre existing concepts  Associated with trade- came in with merchants and traders = silk road  Narratives of miracles= believe with unexpected conviction= great things will happen  Patronage by non – Chinese rulers  After Han dynasty broke up= China split into three kingdoms  Pay attention to Western Jin , Eastern Jin, Northern Wei  Original kingdoms: Wu, Shu, wei  Wei was the most important = military success  High in period of division (220-589)  N/S division pronounc
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