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July 510 2012 CHM247H1AlkynesALKYNESAlkynes have triplebonded carbons 1bond surrounded by 2bonds CC has 2 degrees of unsaturation o The twobonds are perpendicular to one another o Alkyne carbons are sp hybridized 2 sp orbitals with 2 unhybridized p orbitals that produce thebonds o Alkyne bond angle180Most simple alkyneethyne aka acetyleneALKYNES WEVE MET OR HEARD ABOUTNatural hormones and artificial hormones o Artificial hormones in birth control have alkynes where natural hormones do notEthynylestradiol vs estradiol norethindrone vs progesteroneOxyacetylene blowtorches O OHOHOH HHH HHH HHHHHHHHO OHOHO pogesteroneethynylestradiolestradiolnorethindrone RU 486 aka mifepristone the morning after pillBlocks the effect of progesterone preventing the implantation of a fertilized egg CHN 32 OHH OKINDS OF ALKYNESWhat are the alkynyl isomers of CH 46o 1butyne and 2butyneWhat are the alkynyl isomers of CH 58o 1pentyne 2pentyne and 3methyl1pentyne2 kinds of alkynes o INTERNAL RCCR o TERMINAL RCCHThe two different kinds of alkynes have different reactivityALKYNE REACTIONS
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