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Cecilia Kutas

July 4, 2012 CHM247H1 INTRODUCTION TO CHM247H JULY 2012 Lecturer: Cecilia Kutas (Ku-tash) Chisu (key-su) [email protected] this is the best way to reach her!! - Must be from your U of T account, state the subject, and contain no attachments Office: LM 221, (416) 978-8796 Office Hours: Tues and Wed, 9-11AM Access course website via the portal ( COURSE CONTACT TIMES Lectures: Tues, Wed, Thurs 2-4:30PM (ES 1050) Labs: Wed or Thurs 8th0AM-12 noon th Tutorials: Start July 4 ; “vocabulary” (reaction) quizzes each tutorial begin July 5 (starting with alkene reactions) - Quizzes are taken from the reaction summaries that are posted with each set of lecture notes (the pdf files) o Need to know reagents and products involved with certain reactants; will also need to know mechanisms and be able to solve synthesis problems REQUIRED TEXT John McMurry, Organic Chemistry, 8e (or 7e) Study guide to accompany the text Molecular model kit recommended WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW FROM CHM138 - Stereochemistry o McM 8e Ch6 o R and S (absolute configuration); chair conformations - Structure/Reactivity of Alkenes o McM 8e Ch7-8 - Alkyl Halides o McM 8e Ch10-11 - IR Spectroscopy o McM 8e Ch12 (IR only) - Benzene & Aromaticity o McM 8e Ch15 - Alcohols & Phenols o McM 8e Ch17 REQUIRED LAB MATERIALS - CHM247H Lab manual, 2012 7 ed (available at Chem Club, LM 204; July 4, 5, 10, 11, 10AM-12 noon) - For first lab, you will need: o A hardbound laboratory notebook o Lab S (see lab page on portal site) and safety gear o Check the laboratories page on portal for what preparation you need to do REQUIRED SAFETY GEAR - Indirectly ventilated chemical splash goggles* - Lab coat*, nitrile gloves* - Closed-toe shoes (of a sturdy material), long pants *Available from the chem club store, LM 204 CHM247H1 FIRST LAB - Labs start at 8:30AM sharp - Find your lab group and work area (posted outside LM 223 on the morning of your lab and on the laboratories page of the website the evening before your lab - Prepare for the experiment o Read the experiment to get an overview o See the technique powerpoints on the 247 lab page on portal o Record physical & physiological properties of chemicals (MSDS) o Calculate theoretical yield MARKING SCHEME th Test 1: Tuesday, July 17 (15%) 12:30-1:30PM Test 2: Tuesday, July 31 (15%) 12:30-1:30PM - There WILL be lectures after the term tests Tutorial quizzes on reactions (10%) Lab work, ongoing (20%); all labs count Final exam, date TBA (40%) COMMUNICATION - Theory & Lab Questions o Ask on the Discussion Board so everyone can have the benefit of answers (checked daily) - Individual Scheduling Questions o Ask by e-mail (from your UTORmail account—no attachments) - Teaching Philosophy o Coach, facilitator of interactive learning HAVE YOU EMPLOYED AN ORGANIC CHEMIST TODAY? - Coffee, flavourings -
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