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Lecture 5

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Jon Abott

Lecture 5 – CHM310  1st problem Set: DUE next TUESDAY! GREENHOUSE EFFECT! 1. EiN=Eout a. Solar constant - measure of how much radiation is coming out from the sun and reaching the atmospehree b. Only fraction of it reaches the system c. Shadow area – the area that gets tenuated – (pi.R^2) d. (Solar constant ) (1-A)(Shadow Area) = (sigmaT^4) (Emission Area) T = temp of earth 2. The earth keeps itself cool but radiating red rays 3. Tearth = Teffective – if the earth is acting as a black body its effectiveness in 4. Tearth =255K, so we need something more to keep the temp higher 5. Sunlight comes into the earth, fraction of it backs up into the space (visible) 6. The earth radiates red light 1) What happens to this infrared which gets radiated? a) We have gaseous in the atmos. Which are infrared active, they absorb IR b) Then they start acting as ablackbody c) Assume that the ATMS acts as a blackbody i) Imagine that the atmos. Is a thin slice of gas ii) It’s going to emit radiation and no reason why it shouldn’t emit radiation up r down iii) There’s much energy going up as it is coming down iv) Ohysically molecules are absorbing enrgy adnr adiating someof it v) Some of this radiation goes to the outerspace vi) If an alien from outer space looks at the radiation he sees that the IR comes from the layer vii) If you look from down then you observe that the radiation is coming from down and up????? viii)This is greenhouseeffect ix) Effect of the GHE is to warm the surface of the earth x) Ceratin amount of energy the earth is emitting, additional amount of warming coming from the atmosphere 2) Mathematically, calculate the temp of the surface of the earth a) Radioactive equilibrium i) E =E outfor the planet (1) If we do it to the atmosphere the temp of the atmosphere would also be the same as energy of the earth = TEMP – 255K in out ii) The E =E for the atmosphere 2 4 4 2 4 2 (1) 4PiR (sigma.T surface=(sigma.T atmosphere(4piR )+(sigmaT atmosphere) (4pi.R ) (a) T surface 2T atmosphere
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