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Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Susan Mc Cahan

Week 2, Lecture 2 ESP 1 Lecture outline 1. The design team, client, and users STAKES HOLDERS -Government DESIGN -NGO’s -Public TEAM -Individuals CLIENT USERS & OPERATORS CASE STUDY: Anti flying insects device The client wants a portable, light weight device to eliminate stinging or biting flying insects. The device is designed to work indors, should not harm beneficial insects and must be easy to position in any room. In addition, the client who currently does not market flying insect traps but does market ant traps, does not want to use poison, and the device should be quiet. It must meet all safety requirements, be environmentally friendly and must cost less than $100 per year to operate. Functions – To eliminate stinging and biting flying insects Objective - (SHOULD BE) Portable, Light weight Constraints – (MUST BE MET) – Meet all safety requirement (government imposed constraint) – Environmentally friendly (testabl
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