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University of Toronto St. George
Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Susan Mc Cahan

Friday, Saturday 14 “Universities don’t want mere hunters and gatherers of information; they want people who can turn information into knowledge” – Nancy Schmidt How to convey an idea: 1. State the idea 2. Explanation 3. Show evidence Three kind of evidence:  Data – developed by you or found through research  Scientific principle  Research – documented properly Documentation Problems occur when the use of intellectual Property is not acknowledged appropriately. It shall be an offence for a student knowingly: d) to represent as one’s own any idea or expression of an idea or work of another in any academic examination or session test or in connection with any other form of academic work, i.e. to commit plagiarism. f) to submit any academic work containing a purported statement or fact or reference to a source which has been concocted. g) Having someone else edit your wor
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