APS112 Life-cycle Lecture

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Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Phil Anderson

1 imotrncttions PM = Project Management on ti uc PM Planningntrol d Agenda no i PM Closure iittd PM Initiation Agenda for this Lecture neconom TechnicTechnical Executionsure Lifecycle by example ƒ ƒ t jc pro a th f Project Lifecycleng Project Lifecyclet ro t Module C – Project Management Ctl • In•alin•in•uionsure managemen A projTchteoresjtcrMuaghaaglieeyntlInstiuteocallsttourstages: 2 ConClosngng ƒ ƒ Time Initiation Project Stages g Inialinxncuting ƒ ƒ ƒ AcLtviyl Answers startup questions, for example: Lifecycle continue Product Fear not!to ] Test & []ain whether Note: at various points** of the DesBignid & TestfaUtlsRemove from Use proecct whether to continue Decide 3 imiotrncttions imiotrncttions PM = Project Management PM = Project Management PM Planningntrol PM Planningontrol PM Initiation PM Closure PM Initiation PM Closure Project Management Project Management Technical DesiTechnical Closure Technical DesigTechnical Closure Technical Execution Technical Execution 4 t i ie retrieval organ later d and store tam an for rom f iclicker on reflection on mistakes and ti share lessons learned materials Project Closure of frma individual i er th a Orrganizaton of materials for store and later retrievald for the next project Ght iffiliit firmotf,stlpdoteaitei itdatian[-encreldule. Projects are often improperly closed WhAAy isBt.hoa.levi.lCttnnift.stsnhedacdmtonrsotorkioitotslcfwhtere imiotrncttions PM = Project Management PM Planningntrol PM Initiation PM Closure Project Management Closure of RDH Project Technical Design Tec
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