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No. 22
-weaker HA bond, easily dissociate
-HF v strong acid because F is small, therefore bond is shorter
-Darker – stronger
23 -more electronegative element, stronger acid strength
CH 15
1-base must contain OH- if water is to be formed
-K and Cl are spectator ions
-Kn is K of neutralization
-Weak acid and strong base is a reaction that goes to completion
3-Ans1: A
-Increase [A-], reaction shifts to use up added [A-] therefore making
more [HA]
- [HA] increases because of the addition of [A-] (Le Chatelier’s
principle) this is called the common-ion effect
-Ans2: A
-Equation constant stays the same
-Shift to the reactants side therefore use up some of the products
therefore less [H3O] therefore more [A-] to keep everything balanced
-Ans3: smaller [H3O+]
-CH3COOH + water -> CH3COO- + H3O+
-I: 0.50 M 0.5M 0M
-C: -x +x +x
-E: 0.50M-x 0.50M+x x
-Ka = [products]/[reactants] = (0.50+x)(x)/(0.50-x) = 1.8x10^-5
-Assume x <<0.50M
-Therefore x = 1.8x10^-5
-Assumption okay
- [H3O+] = x = 1.8x10^-5 M
-pH = 4.74
10 -EX.1
-pH = 2.52
-Strong base added – very reactive
-OH- + CH3COOH -> water + CH3COO-
-0.020mol/1.0L = 0.020M
-0.50 M
-Therefore all of OH- is reacted
-CH3COOH + water -> CH3COO- + H3O+
-I: 0.48 M 0.020M 0
-C: -x +x +x
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