CHM136H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Cyclohexane Conformation, Cyclohexane, Ring Strain

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Published on 1 Feb 2019
Lec 11
Draw the two other resonance structures for ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
When drawing resonance structures → start with the atom with a charge
- A more stable ion (ie. a base) is a weaker base → since it is stable, it is less reactive
- Substituted cyclohexane rings occur widely in nature (cholesterol has two) it is free of
angle strain AND eclipsing strain
- Chair conformation all carbons have their tetrahedral angles
- The chair conformation has two kinds of positions for the 12 hydrogen atoms axial &
- 6 C-H bonds perpendicular to the ring (axial) & 6 C-H bonds near the ring plant
- Trick to draw the structure if the carbon is going up, the axial goes up
(and vice versa); if axial goes up, then equatorial goes down (and vice
- Cyclohexane Conformational Mobility
- Ring flip exchange of axial and equatorial positions
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