CHM136H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Prochirality, Racemic Mixture, Trigonal Planar Molecular Geometry

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Published on 12 Feb 2019
Stereochemistry (Lec 16)
Meso compounds do not happen often in nature → despite a chirality centre, the molecules is
Fischer’s Projections → to represent chirality centres
- Very helpful for visualizing and for drawing mirror images
- Notice how it is much easier to distinguish R/S configurations using Fischer’s Projections
- Notice how you cannot flip a Fischer’s
Projection 90 degrees → you get a different molecule
- By flipping 90 degrees, you change the
R/S configuration
- HOWEVER, a 180 degrees rotation is fine
- OR, hold one of the groups fixed and rotate
the other three substituents
Prochirality → an achiral molecule that if, in a single step, can be converted into a chiral
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