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Lecture 18

CHM138H1 Lecture 18: Alkene Structure and Stability, Degrees of Unsat (Feb. 26-16)

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Tutorial Questions
Alkene Structure
Alkene Stability
Degrees of Unsat
Lecture Topics:
Lecture Notes
-ene ending
Number in a manner to make the double bond the least in number
For naming, the "longest chain" must include the double bond
Chapter 7: Alkene Structure and Reactivity
Degrees of Unsaturation of a Molecule
Number of pi-bonds and/or rings in a molecule, aka # of double bonds or rings in system
Can be calculated from the molecular formula, examples below
Calculating Degrees
Look at number of carbons in the formula
Write out formula of linear alkane with same number of carbons (H will differ)
= [ # H in alkane - # H in compound ] / 2
Involving Other Groups
Halogens (-X): replace with H and do same calculation
Oxygen (-O-): Remove all, ignore them
Nitrogen (N): Remove N and one H for each N
Feb. 26/16: Lecture 18
February 26, 2016
12:12 PM
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