CIN105Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Semiotics, Continuity Editing, Shot Reverse Shot

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6 Aug 2016
- Culmination of everything and how they relate to one another in patterned
way to shape the viewer’s experience
- Interactive system that is at work, depends on integration of different
elements to produce a distinctive pattern (working as a system)
- Come to recognize artists such as painters and songwriters, by the stylistic
choices that distinguish their artwork as their own, also with groups of work
that have a common style
Steps for Analyzing Film Style
1. What is the films overall form?
- Relationship between story and plot, the means by which the film develops
over time
- Employs devices such as repetition, variations, motifs, parallelism over the
course of the development
- The extent to which the film provides info or withholds info as it progresses
2. What are the primary techniques being used?
- Identify techniques being used acknowledges which are used or not used.
Impact of narrative action depending on which techniques the filmmaker
chooses to use or not
- Language of semiotics: study of sign systems (language). Denote: to have as a
literal or obvious meaning. Connote: to suggest or imply in addition to a
literal meaning.
- Against shot/reverse shot editing: dictates where our attention is directed.
How subjective/objective, how we relate to the pair/ their relationship. How
style supports the narrative
- Identify which of these techniques are most salient in conveying a particular
meaning and producing a particular event
- Primary/salient techniques: techniques that the film relies on/stressed.
(Psycho) What is producing the salient technique of violence? The editing
accelerating and the use of a particular sound effect. Produces anxiety,
operate independently and also used together
- Think about the way various techniques or stylistic elements interact with
one another
And how do they interact with other elements?
- Interaction of stylistic elements and techniques, how they are working
together in complementary ways
- Find out which of the techniques are actually the primary ones, most
responsible for communicating a line of narrative action and a response from
the spectator.
- Combination of Figure movement and camera movement  moving
continually, cannot be analyzed separately because they are working
together (how techniques affect other aspects of film style, cinematography,
sound, mise en scene, editing)  components of film style working in a
coordinated fashion, how the clip functions in order to represent something
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