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Lecture 2

CIN301Y1 Lecture 2: Cinema, Insurrection, and Decolonization

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University of Toronto St. George
Cinema Studies
Kass Banning

Parables of trash Ilha das Flores / Isle of Flowers (dir. Jorge Furtado, Brazil, 1989, 13 min) The first thing we see as we travel round the world is our own filth, thrown into the face of mankind. -Claude Lvi-Strauss, Tristes Tropiques (1955) Humans are biped animals, mammals, that are distinguished from other mammals, like whales, and from other bipeds like chickens, in two main respects: the highly developed telencephalon [cerebellum] and the opposable thumb. Trash outsourced to colonized nations Latitude/longitude is mapped with England as the basis Critique of historicism Dipesh Chakrabarty Provincializing Europe (2000): The Politics of Historicism and the Time of History Discipline of History is a 19th century European invention based upon a universal concept of time as secular, continuous, empty and homogeneous Events happen in time but time is not affected by them (73) Manmade and abstract Historical time does not belong to nature, that is, it is not completely independent of human systems of representation. It stands for a particular formation of the modern subject. (74) Ideology of historicism Historicism: examining phenomena as a unity and in its historical development The tendency to regard historical development as the most basic aspect of human existence Tends to be teleological Teleological: the philosophical doctrine that final causes, design, and purpose exist in nature
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