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Lecture 13

CIN301Y1 Lecture 13: Suture

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University of Toronto St. George
Cinema Studies
Kass Banning

Elaborations and rebuttals of apparatus theory Critiques of apparatus theory Inadequate account of narrative and narration Inadequate account of heterogeneity of spectator identity Gender, sexuality, race, class, etc Inadequate account of historical specificity of technology, texts, spectatorship practices, and human perceptual-cognitive functions Recap Metz on cinematic identification Mirror stage In psychoanalysis Primary processes: how the unconscious deals with the demands for the satisfaction of drives Such as the pleasure principle and death drive Secondary processes: manners of seeking objects outside of the subject (in the so-called real world) to satisfy needs initiated by primary processes Secondary identification: spectator identifies with characters (or actors) Primary identification: spectator identifies with pure act of perception produced by the enfolding of spectators gaze with that of (absent) apparatus Pleasurable experience of visual mastery based upon an all-seeing, unencumbered gaze produced by submitting to being mastered and led by gaze of apparatus. Subject position: transcendental subject Subject effect: the production of coherent subject (ideologically docile) Suture Surgical term
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