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CJS200H1 Lecture Notes - French Revolutionary Army, French Revolution, War Of The First Coalition

Center for Jewish Studies
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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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How was it possible for the French Revolutionary army to defeat Prussia
France vs. Prussia
Prussia withdrew on the duel
Declaration of Rights of Man
Every citizen was obliged and asked to fight for his own state, not the KING
All citizens with the same rights, under the law = equality
Revolution offers independence
This French revolutionary army voluntary, not organized
Fight for the interest of the state
Nationalism…the Germans are coming (not just Prussia), we must fight for France!
From this time and this place, a new echo was starting 25 years for Europe to respond
Revolutionaries wanted the natural frontiers, the RHINE.
France won Belgium and Austrian Netherlands
Paris urges the army to keep going and protect catholic minorities everywhere, i.e. Dutch
All in the name of liberty, equality, revolutionary offering every minority the fraternity and assistance
pretext for army to take more territory
Europe would not allow these excuses to gain more territory
Revolutionaries do not care about the rest of Europe, since they defeated Prussia and Austria
British attitude = sympathetic, positive
The French revolution- seen as spreading liberalism in Europe, a mirror image of their own
Underestimated impact in Britain If Britain was concerned about Belgium…they were alarmed
BoP Ideological, religious, excuse would not excuse them from the BoP
Dutch intercepted the letter, asking whether the army and liberate the catholics from Dutch
Copied and sent 1 to Britain and Hague
France wants to take the low countries Issue for Britain
France issues decree Fraternity and assistance
-Mid December Mandatory for French to liberate suppressed minorities
France opened up Shelf River which was closed since 1648… to trade gold
Napoleon opening = pointing a gun on head of Britain
Britain has no right to aid Dutch
By opening up, broke all previous treaties
Via decree of Frat and Ass France intervenes on domestic affairs on every other state
Britain will not accept the low countries being part of France
France cannot intervene like this
War 1 Feb 1793 Declared war on Britain Europe conflict = inevitable
-France executes Louis 16 continued to conspire vs revolution
-Charged with hiding information
Antagonized the entire continent William Pitt No talk of peace until the monarchy is restored in
France’s only ally (family treaties) Spain declared war Long lasting conflict Objected the rev but
tolerated it as long as Louis was alive
-Attacked the church and religion denouncing French catholic church as the most important
Little by little engaged everyone against France
Britain takes leadership apologized for signing treaties with Prussia to Austria
Leave the fighting aside, we must unite! B and A
Revolutionary France caught everyone by surprised If this goes on, France = arbiter and hegemony on
First Coalition = Terminate revolutionaries and re-establish the monarchy in France
France did not anticipate this, every fear = reality
Open road to Paris Had the Austrians united with Britain
The Rev End in 1793
Problems No common goals, no co-operation
Invade colonial interest of France run by British
Pitt pay for the war by taking the colonies British would not have to dish out expenses for the win
Gain more colonies
Prussia blames Austria for defeat Fred agrees to participate if they get in advance compensation of
entire cost of war and more polish territory
Prussians never joined the 1st coalition
Austria wanted an exchange Bavaria Bavarian king given a stockholder
Never allow Prussia to benefit
British rejects If we don’t unite, we are doomed
This in fighting gives Revolutionaries enough time to recuperate
What saved the revolution was what happened in Poland