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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Roman Civilization

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Adriana Brook

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CLA160 Lecture 9 JULY25/2011
Roman Civilization (ca. 4000 BCE – 337 CE)
3 periods: Kings, Republic, and Empire
Mountains called the Apennines
The Alps in the north, create a barrier between the Italian peninsula and the rest of the world
This results in Italys limited contact with others via land
Only a few places were liveable; most of these areas have rivers in them
We stern coast at tra c ts p eo ple
3 live a ble plac e s:
(1)Etruria h as the Arno River
(2)Latium h as the Tiber and Liris Rivers
(3)Campania h as the Volturn u s River
Cli mate more mo d erate and comfortable in the west than the extreme of the e a st (think: Vancouver
Lots of h arb o u rs in the We st
Italy surro u n d ed by se a s:
(1)Tyrrhenian Se a
(2)Adriatic Se a
(3) Ionian Se a
(4)Sicilian Se a
Se a s makes it e a sy for p eo ple to travel
They h ave e a sy a c c e s s to the Medit er r ane a n Se a
In the b egin nin g, the p eo ple did nt h ave a c c e s s to travel ro utes of Syrians, Bab ylo nians,
others, b e c a use the west coast of Italy was difficult to g et to u sin g the route b etwe e n Si
Italy, and it takes a whil e to g et to if g oing around Sicily
Se a, mo u n tains and rivers influenc e d the way they d evelo p ed an d intera c t with the o u tside wo
2000 BCE: Italian Bro nz e Age
900 BCE: Italian Iron Age
Contact with Others
Pho enicians
Gre eks b orrowed their alp h abets
Known for their trade
800 BCE: ar rived at the Italian Peninsula (en d of the Dark Ages in Gre e c e )
Set u p tradin g p o sts: Cuma e , Naples, an d Pit he c usa
In Pit he c usa, first writin g s were fou n d inside p o t t ery
Gre eks
Loc a ted in what is kn own as Mag n a Gra e cia cult urally Gre e k
Tarentum is a c e nter for man ufa c turing and was largely p o p ulated by Spartans
Thurii also c alled Syb aris-Thurii; Sy b aris me a ns exc e s sive luxury p o p ulated by Athe
wh o were thought to h ave lived in luxury
Syra c use p o p ulated by Corinthians
Gauls/Celt s
From the are a of Franc e
Set tl ed around the Po River Valley (c all ed the Cis-Alpine Gaul) , as well as o n the o ther s
the Alps k n own as the Trans-Alpine Gaul
Etrusc a ns
Set tl ed n orth of what is Rome
650 to 4 5 0 BCE
Premier civiliza tion in Italy
Exp an d ed into the Po River v alley, Latium, an d Campania
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