CLA160H1 Lecture Notes - Ethnography, Absentee Landlord, Publican

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Published on 7 Nov 2011
CLA160 - Lecture on November 2nd
2 problems: to do with land
- soldiers had to own land: many didnt, numbers of soliders lessened
- roman soliders expected to retire and be rewarded with land
Early Roman Literature - much has been lost
-3rd c. BCE early attempts in native meter
-early translation of Odyssey
-composed and performed in 2nd c BC
-we only have fragments existing though
-early tragedies lost
Roman Comedy
-adapation of New Comedy of Menander
-proem that explains the plot..
-greek settings, names
-everyday, stock characters, colloquial language
-very greeK; some seem like just translation of older existing greek comedies
(old comedy was about contemp. events and politicans, new comedy (menander) was
about contemporary world: stock characters, old men, young lovers, slaves, not political
and popular people.) eg. The Misanthrope: knemon the grumpy old man. sostratus the
young lover. slave is portrayed as clever.
Plautus - roman comedy writer
(3rd -2nd century BC)
-influences shakespeare
-The Pot of Old - one of his comedies
-uses stock characters
-note: argument over ownership of “it”, a woman (patriarchal nature)
Terence - roman comedy writer
(2nd c, BCE)
-from north africa: freedman
-more subtle, humane style
-filled with little philosophical bits
-explores the human condition
Cato- and slave farming
-catos farm is a slave farm. he is an absentee landlord.
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