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25 Apr 2011
January 26
Lecture #8, CLA160
(Previous lecture)
-later Archaic Age philosophy
oalso called historians
-existed at some time before Socrates
-thinkers trying to think about Greek culture and traditions, and the world around them, in a
rational manner
oin a way, they are early scientists
ohowever building upon religious and mythological traditions
-attempted to come up with something that is turning toward history
owith Herodotus, he was able to come up with what we do call history
he invented history
- Ionian origins
oarea of Asia Minor [where Greeks were living];
oesp. Miletus
hotbed of intellectual activity, thought and debate
politically and economically important
-wrote in both verse and prose
oprose began to be more popular at end of Archaic age
opapyrus had become pretty readily available
overse an effective way of making ones thoughts memorable
- rational challenged to conventional/mythological thought
-Heraclitus (119): Homer should be turned out... and whipped, and Archilochus likewise.
shocking at the time
-Xenophanes (14): The Aithiopians say that their gods are snub-nosed and dark, the Thracians
that theirs are blue-eyes and red-haired.
oanthropomorphic divinities
point: not saying lets be atheist, but rather lets re-conceive the whole thing
there must be divine powers, but we dont have to think of them as
-5th century BC author
- from Ionia
-lived in Athens, later colonists in south Italy
-wrote a history or enquiry
owell-travelled and attempted to write as accurately and as in depth as possible
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